When Dorene Johnson was born to an unwed mother in 1963, she was adopted, the files containing her family secrets sealed. This was commonplace in the early sixties, and everyone seemed to go on with their lives. Or did they?

Being raised in a home with assuring parents and a solid foundation didn’t ease the desire Dorene had to find out about her biological parents. Did they ever think about finding the child they had given up? Did they ever wonder about their daughter’s life and the obstacles that faced her? Did they ever wonder if the child wanted to know about them? Her family’s unconditional love and acceptance gave her the courage to dig into her past and answer the questions that she has struggled with for so long.

Take the journey with Dorene as she finds A Missing Piece of the Pie: Finding Myself after Adoption.

Gleaning how Dorene took baby steps to search for answers and comfort is not all there is. Find out through the words of her biological parents what their experiences were in meeting Dorene for the first time, as well as Dorene’s adoptive mom and dad’s perspectives full of knowledge, unconditional love, and compassion.